Aya Universe: Dubai’s Latest Immersive Park Experience

Today, in our new digital age of VR, AR and the like, going out during the weekend for a fun day out is no longer restricted to restaurants, theme parks or the cinema. Families can now instead opt for an immersive dining experience or a VR art gallery. One of the countries leading the tech entertainment world is of course, the UAE. Dubai has now created its very own massive VR park known as Aya Universe, visceral, ethereal and out-of-this-world; Aya Universe is a transformative experience that takes visitors to a galactic-like world.

At the park, guests navigate through a series of connected rooms where each one offers something different. Along the walk, you’ll gaze at a room full of massive crystal balls with a continuous stream of neon lights moving across them and the entire room. It will feel like you are in the set of the movie Tron, with bright lights zapping all around you. In another room, you’ll be surrounded by tree-like lit up LED lights while in another, you’ll walk on a path with flowing graphics of an multi-colored galaxy.

Knowing that it offers an out-of-the-box experience for its guests, the park was able to nab the 2023 MENALAC Awards for Best Entertainment Concept. If you want to try out the experience for yourself, you can book a ticket using this link.

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