A Possible Collab Between Amr Diab and Adam Port?

The world of music is now expanding more than ever with interesting collaborations between artists worlds apart. Along with these musicians is the possible future collaboration between Egyptian singing sensation Amr Diab and German techno DJ Adam Port. Diab reposted on Facebook and Instagram a message that Port posted a day back where Port hinted to Diab that “maybe it’s time for a collaboration?”

In the same post, Port shared snippets of his time DJing at Morocco’s Agafay Desert where he kept playing Diab’s music to a hyped up crowd. Port was vibing to Diab’s classic hits including “Amarain” and “Nour El Ain” and that was what sparked the possible future collaboration. If the two artists do collaborate together, they will create some unique energy-fueled performances especially as Port is known to specialize in Hardcore techno, which is an extremely fast-paced, energetic Electronic Dance Music style.

With it being the summer season, a time when Diab has multiple performances throughout the summer months, they may be performing quite soon. Nothing is confirmed though so we will just have to wait and see what the two artists will have in store for us this summer.

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