A Regional Guide To The Hottest Summer Events Of 2023

As we prepare to welcome the upcoming summer months, we have a lot to look forward to across the region. The entire summer will be packed with concerts, festivals and many first time events. So with that, get a pen and mark your calendars with our special roundup of up and coming 2023 summer events.


Backstreet Boys

One of the bestselling and most iconic boy bands of all time, the Backstreet Boys are hitting up Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Arena this May 7th. Belting out our favorite hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody”, the American band is set to have us all on our feet, dancing it out to their classic 90s tunes. With the event coming up soon, you can book a spot on the Live Nation official page.

Tamer Hosny

For all the Tamer Hosny fans out there, you are in for a treat as the Egyptian megastar is set to perform his biggest hits in Kuwait. On May 12, at the Arena Kuwait, a large indoor venue, the Arab legend will perform to a crowd of over 5000 people. To nab a ticket, head to the Arena Kuwait‘s official page.

Amr Diab

Egypt’s biggest pop star and singing sensation, Amr Diab is bringing his swoon worthy ballads and classic hits to Kuwait’s stage on May 18. For the first time, the star will belt out his biggest hits at the Kuwait Arena to a crowd of more than 5000 people. Be sure to get a ticket to the iconic performance by heading to the Arena Kuwait‘s official page.

Omar Khairat

The legendary pianist and composer Omar Khairat is bringing his virtuoso in classic music to Egypt’s historic the Sound & Light venue at the Giza pyramids. On June 3, he’s performing our nostalgic favorites including “Kadeyet Am Ahmed” (The Case of Am Ahmed) along with the grand orchestra led by Nayer Nagui. To book a spot head to Collard Ticket‘s official page.

Tom Odell

Known for his penchant for emotional pop songs and indie hits, the British singer and songwriter is set to take the stage at the Dubai Opera on June 7 as part of his international tour. Expect goosebumps galore as you listen to his most emotive hits including “Another Love” and “Real Love” as well as many of the songs from his latest album, Monsters. To book tickets, head to the Dubai Opera official page.


K-pop Festival

Qatar is holding its first ever official 2-day K-pop festival, K.ONE Festa that will take place from May 19. Lusail Stadium will be seeing the likes of boy bands Ateez, iKON and P1harmony and girl bands Oh My Girl and Everglow dancing and singing out their most addictive beat-infused hits. Beyond the performance, also expect a fun meet and greet and red carpet session. To get your tickets, head to the Virgin Megastore official page.

Andy Warhol Exhibition

Since Feb 17, Saudi Arabia’s AlUla Arts Festival has been showcasing out-of-this-world artwork including a touch of pop art with their Andy Warhol Exhibition. In collaboration with the Andy Warhol Museum, the exhibit decided to take on the Fame: Andy Warhol theme and is currently showcasing 70 pieces of the artist’s collection including his renowned paintings of icons like Muhammed Ali. With the exhibition continuing till May 16, you can still catch it by booking a ticket through the AlUla site.

AlUla Skies Festival

Coming back for a second year is the AlUla Skies Festival, a time when AlUla’s entire skies are glittered with colorful hot air balloons. Starting from April 26 till May 12, for 18 days, guests will get to soar the skies on the sunrise and sunset hot air balloon experiences. Flying over North Hegra, travelers will get to witness overhead views of the historic town. Head to the AlUla Experience official page for more information.


Men’s Arab Fashion Week

Landing at the Dubai Design District is the second edition of the all-out extravaganza known as the Men’s Arab Fashion Week. Attending this event will mean that you’ll be in the know-how of the upcoming latest trends in Spring/Summer fashion of 2023.

Saudi International Luxury Week 

For everyone craving some glitz and glamour, it’s time to hit up the largest jewelry exhibition to hit up the Kingdom, the Saudi International Luxury Week. From May 16, more than 120 international and high jewelry brands will be showcased at Al Faisaliah Hotel. You can register to attend this upcoming event by heading to Time Out Jeddah‘s official page.

All these events are coming up pretty soon and will make for fun and unique experiences to mark the start of summer. We recommend booking tickets as early as possible as many of these events are selling out fast.

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