We Asked Arabs What They Think Virginity Is and Here’s What They Said


Ahhh, virginity. What are you? How do people lose you? If you Google the meaning of word “virginity”, it will say it is the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse. So do you have to actually engage in anything that includes penetration for you to lose your virginity or not?

We’ve asked Arabs, men and women, what they believe losing your virginity actually means. Some of the results are sweet and others just prove how badly we really need sex education in the Middle East.


It’s anything that includes penetration. And if the girl don’t bleed, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t a virgin. Some girls just don’t have a hymen. – Laila


Boys cannot lose their virginity because they are never virgins. Virgins are people who can get penetrated. – Samy


Girls can lose their virginity while riding on the back of a horse or on a bicycle. – Farah


Boys and girls can lose it if they do anything sexual with the other person, even if it’s just oral. – Mahmoud


To lose your virginity, a girl needs to be penetrated from only her vagina, not her ass. – Salma


Virginity is a mental thing, not a physical one. – Rawan


It’s whatever you want it to be. It could be something as simple as a kiss. – Adam


Virginity is a myth. It’s a social construct designed to oppress women. – Ayah


Losing your virginity is when you put yourself in the most vulnerable situation and you expose your mind, body and soul to another person in the most intimate way possible. – Samira


Losing your virginity is the first time for you to get fully penetrated by something that is NOT a finger. – Madonna




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