Arsenal Wants Suarez Bad

Luis Suarez seems to be all anyone is talking about when it comes to to football news! Arsenal has reinforced their desire to sign the soccer stud with a record bid for the  club of 40 million sterling + 1. Yes you read that right!

This is the second time Arsenal bid for the 26 year old, and they seem adamant on pushing through till they get him. After Liverpool (the club Suarez plays for currently) rejected their initial offer of 30 million sterling  + 5 million sterling in addons, Arsenal came back with a stronger offer to get talks moving.

The 40 million + 1 activates a clause in Saurez’s contract by one pound, in which states that Liverpool must inform Saurez of a club’s interest once they receive a bid of more than 40 million sterling.

Now the world waits and watches to find out where Luis Suarez will end up!

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