Arabic Romantic Films You Must Binge Watch With Your Valentine’s Date

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What other way is more perfect to end a Valentine’s date than watching a classical, romantic Arabic film with your significant other. These films are sweet and full of nostalgia; it will have you laughing, crying, and most of all, creating memories during everyon’es favorite day.

Perhaps, after all is said and done, a moment together watching these films no matter how cheesy would be the best way for you to express feelings to one another.

So, make sure to grab some popcorn, find a cozy couch, and watch any number of these Arabic romantic films.

Al-Selm W Al-Te’ban

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A heartbroken woman, a man trying to redeem himself, and all the drama in between, Al-Selm W Al-Te’ban is one of the most classical Egyptian romantic films ever to be made. Hazem, played by actor Hany Slama, is a womanizer, with conflicting feelings, who falls for Yasmine, played by actress Hala Shiha, and their mutual liking grows into something bigger; all fails, however when he returns to his old habits, and to know the end you will have to watch it yourself.

There has been a rumor circulating that the cast could be working on a part 2! We will just have to wait and see.


ِAn Egyptian romantic comedy, Ahwak is a film about Sherif, a plastic surgeon, who feels attracted to a young woman named Passant, but when he gets the chance to meet her single mother Rana, it is love at first sight. The film hilariously shows how the story unravels as he tries to get to Rana through her daughter.

The film stars the singer Tamer Hosny as Sherif and the actress Ghada Adel as Rana.

Rasayel Al-Bahr

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Yehia, a medical student with a speech impediment, is suffering from constant bullying, he flees the city and heads to the coast of the Mediterranean to work as a fisherman. There, he falls in love with Nora, a sex worker, and the story picks up from there.

The amazing duo Asser Yassin and Basma take on the roles of this damaged couples.

Sehr Al-Eeyoun

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Two young women played by the prominent actresses Hala Shiha and Nelly Kareem fall in love with two guys played by the actors Amer Mounib and Mohamed Lotfy. Desperate that the two young men are not in love with them, the female duo resort to the extreme of going to a shaman who instead of making Amer Mounib fall for Hala Shiha and Mohamed Loty for Nelly Kareem, he switches it all up, and the story simply goes on from there.

Leh Khaletne Ahebak

First released in 2000, Leh Khaletne Ahebak is a romantic comedy film about love and heartbreak. The film follows Dalia, played by Mona Zaki, regretting her decision of dumping her boyfriend Hesham, portrayed by Kareem Abdelaziz, and actively working to ruin his upcoming engagement party with his new fiance Noha, played by Hala Shiha; it is one of the most classical romantic films of the 2000’s that will make you laugh and cry.

Bahebak, W Ana Kaman

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Bahebak, W Ana Kaman is a film that tells the story of Nour who is a talented singer that grows up in fame and by coincidence gets work with the talented, well-known star Farida Fathy. They have a rocky relationship at start marked by jealousy and misunderstandings, but as time goes by, things gradually change for the better.

The amazing duo Mostafa Amar and Somaya Al-Khashab played the two young stars.

Eza’et Hob

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A film about wearing masks and hiding who we really are on the inside, Eza’et Hob explores concepts of love, insecurity, and most of all trust. The film follows the love story between Hassan and Layla played by Sheriff Salama and Menna Shalaby, and how they invented unrealistic characters to swoon one another, hiding their insecurities behind masks.

Everything unravels however when they discover by coincidence that they both work at the same radio station, and that they were both dishonest about their true-selves.

Ahlam Omrena

A film about the struggles of achieving one’s dreams, Ahlam ‘omrna tells the story of Khaled, played by Mostafa Sha’ban, who is trying to travel overseas to find a better opportunity; he falls in love with his best friend Nada, played by Mona Zaki.

The two protagonists then travel to the Egyptian coastal city of Marsa Alam, where they meet a defeated woman who inherited a plot of land from her parents and wants to open a cafe there, but her uncle pressures her to sell it. Khaled and Nada together try to help her, and for the ending, you will have to watch the movie yourself.

An Al-Eishq W Al-Hawa

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An Al-Eishq W Al-Hwa explores how societal concepts pressure us into taking unwise decisions in terms of our love life. Omar and Alyaa, played by Ahmed Al-Saqqa and Mona Zaki respectively, are in love with one another, but everything goes south when Omar discovers that Alyaa’s sister Fatma, portrayed by Ghada Abdelrazik, works at a nightclub. He grows weary and calls the whole thing off.

Distraught, Alyaa finds comfort in the arms of her neighbor who had loved her since their childhood and marries him. Soon, both her and Omar realize that they have made a terrible mistake. Things spiral out of control as he falls in love with his boss, played by Menna Shalaby, and the messy love triangle keeps getting messier and messier.

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