An Open Letter to Whoever Did This to Poor Koshari

Via Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino
Via Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino

Last year, I talked about how much I love koshari. Not only is it hands down my favorite Egyptian dish, but it’s my favorite all-time dish ever (and that’s kind of a big statement coming from a fat cow such as myself). But we’re not here to talk about my love for koshari, we’re here to talk about the abomination that is Rawi’s koshari.

I get it. Sometimes dishes can be taken to the next level by professional chefs. Sometimes a liver sandwich (from Bab El-Hadid) costs EGP 17+. I’m okay with these things, but to basically disrespect everything that a dish stands for and destroy its dignity, no, I will not have that. Koshari is supposed to be messy, it’s supposed to cheap, it’s supposed to be an experience. Yes, places such as Zooba and others have done their take on koshari, which was fine, because it was still freakin’ koshari. It was from EGP 14 to 20 (which is more than okay because no one minds to reasonably pay a little bit more for better quality), it tastes good and it looks like a damn koshari.

Rawi’s koshari on the other hand is a big fat no. What am I even looking at? Koshari is not supposed to be posh or have a big piece of lobster next to it? How am I supposed to eat this? Koshari doesn’t want etiquette, it accepts you for who you are. You’re supposed to eat koshari looking like a savage and not worry whether you’re using the right spoon or no. I’m sorry, Rawi, but no.

WE SAID THIS: I am in no way dissing Rawi as a restaurant. I just really, really love koshari and will defend its honor until I die.