An Ode to Fairuz and Her Love Affair With Egypt

Whether in this generation or the last one, Fairuz is one of the most iconic singers in the Arab world. Although she sang for Egypt just a few times Egyptians have always loved her and associated many activities with her voice. From listening to her songs while having your morning coffee, to enjoying her voice while sitting under the rain or while relaxing by the beach, Fairuz’s songs are a whole mood.

One of Fairuz’s most famous concerts was her performance by the Giza pyramids in 1989, and that was her last concert in Egypt. However, she did visit Egypt three times along with Al Rahbani brothers, in 1955, 1966, and 1976. The Lebanese diva also sang a song especially for Alexandria, and it became associated with the city and its beautiful beaches.

Here’s a throwback to a few times she sang for Egypt.

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