An Industry Awakening: A Look At The New “Tech For Palestine” Coalition

Solidarity with Palestine is now even seeping through the tech industry. A few days ago, more than 40 investors, founders, and engineers have joined a large tech coalition that’s calling for supporting Palestine in the tech industry.

The story begins with a blog article written by Paul Biggar, CEO of software company CircleCi. Biggar voiced his disappointment with the tech industry for turning a blind eye to the genocide happening in Gaza and seeing VCs support Israel. The post quickly became a big hit and hundreds of tech investors who shared his disappointment reached out to support the alliance.

The coalition “Tech for Palestine,” which is still in its early days, will feature projects run by small groups and serve as a place to share resources and advice, something many pro-Palestinian tech workers are already doing privately. It has already secured names like Idris Mokhtarzada, founder of the unicorn Truebill, to help build out the platform. So far, it has created a badge for engineers to use on GitHub that calls for a ceasefire, as well as HTML snippets for people to use on their websites to display a support ceasefire banner. In addition to that, the coalition is working with Palestinian organizations to help Palestinian startups since the war has destroyed the local tech industry.

Biggar’s first of its kind initiative is dreaming big. 40+ investors along with Biggar are calling for a permanent ceasefire, voicing public support for Palestine, and this comes amid a large division in the tech industry, inspired and determined by the ongoing war on Gaza — all of which could represent a turning point in the venture capital industry’s stance regarding the Gaza-Israel conflict.

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