Amr Warda Rejoins National Team After Teammates Come out in Support

Amr Warda has been making headlines recently for all the worst reasons. The Egyptian footballer is currently caught in a series of sexual harassment allegations by two models. Following the leakage of screenshots and an explicit video, the player was suspended from the national team, ending his involvement with the Pharaohs’ African Cup campaign.

The player soon released an official apology and it seems that things have worked out for Warda in the end. During last night’s match between Egypt and DR Congo, Ahmed Elmohamady opened the scoring for Egypt and made a “22” sign with his hands celebrating the goal, in reference to the number of Warda’s team jersey.

“My celebration was for Warda, who is a member of our big family. We are all humans and we all make mistakes. We will not abandon him”, Elmohamady told Egyptian sports channel Time Sports.

Mohamed Salah shared his two cents regarding Warda’s situation as well. The Liverpool forward took to Twitter pleading with people to give Warda a second chance. Salah asked people to educate and guide instead of shunning, yet added that ‘”no” means “no”‘ with regards to how women must be treated.

According to multiple reports, Salah and Elmohamady’s met with the Egyptian Football Association’s (EFA) president, Hany Abou Reeda, along with Javier Aguirre, to solve Warda’s situation. Soon after Warda’s teammates expressed solidarity with Warda, the footballer’s brother, Ziad Warda, announced that Amr Warda is now back at the national team’s training camp and will resume training for the next match against Uganda on Sunday.

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