Video: Amr Warda Releases Official Apology to Teammates and Fans

When will celebrities and athletes ever learn to not text or send anything that can be leaked and ruin their careers? Egyptian footballer, Amr Warda, was just suspended from Egypt’s national football team amidst a social media scandal.

British-Egyptian model, Merhan Keller, released screenshots of Warda’s DMs on Instagram accusing him of online harassment. Many believed that the texts were borderline innocent. However, soon after, the model exposed other players from the team. Many other women came forward with similar stories of sexting and harassment.

Yet, it was an explicit video of the football player that he sent which got him suspended from the team hours before their match against DR Congo.

Warda released an official video statement apologizing to his family, teammates, and fans for his unacceptable behaviour. The suspended player further promised that he will work to better himself.

Watch Amr Warda’s statement below:

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