Amr Salama Teases Upcoming Trap Inspired Short Film: 60 Geneh

Last night, award-winning Egyptian filmmaker, Amr Salama took to his Instagram to share an exciting new project that he’s been working on. Captioning the post, “upcoming fun and passion project,” the photo featured a screenshot of a film screenplay with the bolded letters, “60 Geneh.”

’60 pounds’ is Salama’s upcoming short film project that is both written and directed by him for trap artist, Ziad Zaza. Sharing the inspiration behind the vibrant film, Salama said, “I fell in love when I heard this unreleased song by Ziad Zaza (60 Geneh) and after I sat with him and heard where the story came from. That it is the story of his life and upbringing, I was inspired to write a short film that can serve as its music video but also stands as a drama short film.”

After explaining the inspiration behind ’60 Geneh,’ the ‘Sheikh Jackson’ director went into his relationship with the trap genre, “I’ve been following the trap scene since it started, and I’m inspired by the authenticity and rawness of the music and lyrics…I can easily say we’ll witness a new generation of visual storytellers with unique aesthetics and styles.”

Salama ended by reflecting on this exciting new project, “it’s an experiment that I’m passionate about and can’t wait to see if it will have an impact on the audience as much as it had on me.”

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