All You Need to Know About the Emirati Runner Dr. Khaled Al-Suwaidi

The Emirati Runner, Dr. Khaled Al-Suwaidi, who’s only 35 years old, is an academic specialized in International Relations. He started an endurance challenge plan which is to complete a run that is about 65km a day for 38 consecutive days from Abu-Dhabi to Makkah in Saudi Arabia. The distance is a total of approximately 2,070 kilometers.

His running challenge is his way of raising attention for the Rahma Cancer Charity that supports people who are recovering from illness. It’s not the first time for him to take on an ultra-long distance running; back in February 2018, he ran 327 km in only three days from Fujairah to Port Zayed in Abu Dhabi. Dr. Al-Suwaidi began his first steps earlier this month, setting off from Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi with an aim to inspire, promote, and lead a healthier lifestyle for all of us.

Via The National

Previously, Dr. Al-Suwaidi struggled with his own battle with obesity, and after becoming a father he decided to lose weight and actually succeeded losing about 50 kg in only three years!

He has been running for about 13 days now, and technology has been playing a big role in helping him finish the challenge. By the end of each day, he has a support trailer that accompanies him to help him recover and recharge for the next day’s run. After completing his daily target, he uses a NormaTech machine that helps compress his muscles via electric pulses in order to increase the blood flow and accelerate his recovery.

The biggest challenge that he has to face is consuming 7,200 calories a day, as it’s the exact amount of fuel his body needs to complete the running challenge. He’s trying to eat as well as he can; fruits, vegetables, and waffles to make up a great percentage of his daily diet.

Dr.Al-Suwaidi’s run actually commemorates the ties between the two great nations, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. We should always set high goals and aspirations in our lives, to make it worth living, and the celebration of it is not the end result but the journey itself is.

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