Viral Visuals: Horrendous Pictures of Abused Turtle in Giza Zoo

Just another day where another photo of animal abuse in Giza Zoo goes viral. Today isn’t about starving lions or cages left in an unhygienic condition, this is about a turtle left immobile and trapped. Nouran Samy took to social media and shared an alleged photo of a turtle at Egypt’s zoo and she’s calling for help.

The viral photo shows the poor animal being trapped in a shallow square after a slab was removed. The post doesn’t clarify if the turtle can actually leave; however, the Facebook user did describe the inhumane condition that will most probably lead to its death.

انا عارفه ان ده مش من اختصاص الجروب بس حاله انسانيه و محتاجه قوه الجروب… الترسه دي في حديقه حيوان الجيزه ترسه كبيره…

Posted by Nouran Samy on Saturday, March 17, 2018

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