A Spin Through Childhood: Favorite Carousels Around The Middle East

Our childhoods are connected to a lot of things; the shows we watched, the things we did with our families, and most importantly the games we played and the places we visited. As children, one of our favorite activities was to visit theme parks that had carousels. One of the unique things about carousels is that they are one of the few rides that can simultaneously entertain several generations. Filled with history, music, and horses, on this Carousel Day, honoring the first carousel designed in 1871 by William Schneider, we take a whirl through the best Middle Eastern carousels.

Global Village’s Carousel

In the heart of Dubai’s Global Village, home to several forms of entertainment that play heavily on tourism, providing a taste of different cultures is a gem placed between Japan and France, a lit-up carousel. With a vintage gold feel, the carousel’s lighting is broken up with drawings of historical places around the world. With every spin, this carousel will have you feeling like you’ve travelled the world.

ZED Park’s Carousel

A royal carousel if you will. Located at ZED Park in Egypt, is the carousel for any age and romantic lovebirds. This fairy-tale-like carousel decorated in roses and gold detail was a prime spot for Egyptian actor and singer, Hassan Abouelrouss; making carousels the ultimate romantic backdrop for a photo opportunity. Next time you’re looking for a romantic date, look no further than ZED Park’s carousel.

Al Shallal Theme Park Carousel

Saudi’s Al Shallal park provides rides for all ages. Ranging from Ferris wheels to roller coasters for the thrill seekers and among all of these rides is the carousel. Engulfed in a green cage, this carousel is the perfect place for your kids. More like ponies rather than horses, this ride is guaranteed to give your little ones the time of their lives.

Dream Park Carousel

While Egyptians might visit the famous theme park, Dream Park for its wild rides or its mascot Dooby, there’s another reason that makes it worth the trip; the carousel is nestled between the kids’ area and the adventurous area. Dream Park’s carousel is a ride that merges the gap for generations, making it a rest stop where families can enjoy the ride together.

Marah Land’s Carousel

Located in Kuwait at Marah Land the theme park, this carousel distinguishes itself due to its unique color choice, a rich green. With the quite particular selection of lime green, it feels as if this carousel is owned by the Green Arrow, the DC Comics superhero. Only this time around, the carousel would act as his superpower by getting people dizzy instead of tossing arrows. With blue and green lights, and carriage sets between the horses, the carousel provides the perfect experience for all ages.

Circus Land’s Carousel

Circus Land located in Qatar’s Landmark mall provides a diverse experience for children. Varying from bumper cars to trampolines, the four-story play area is circus themed and is highlighted by its carousel. The carousel is the perfect marriage of vibrancy and playfulness, giving kids the best of both worlds, a carousel à la circus style.

WE SAID THIS: Carousels are a lot like our lives, constantly turning until we’re dizzy, but we love the head rush.