A Scoop of Mosalsalat: Will Youssef El Sherif’s ‘El Nehaya’ Be Ramadan 2020’s Biggest Hit?

Don’t worry: NO SPOILERS!

Ever since the official trailer of Youssef El Sherif’s “El Nehaya” was released it created a huge wave of controversy, with some people already judging that the series is lifted from other projects, and others who are super excited to see what could be the most promising sci-fi project in the history of Arabic television. The trailer was pretty exciting and gave the series a solid spot in the schedule of millions of people who participate in the Ramadan series race.

For years, Youssef El Sherif has been one of the key players in the Ramadan marathon, as his projects are always new and unique like “Kafr Delhab” and “Le3bet Eblees”! I saw the first two episodes from “El Nehaya”, and I still think it’s too early to judge whether the series will live up to its hype, but I can assure you that it’s nothing like anything you’ve seen before, at least in the Arab World.

People were quick to pass judgment and relate to any similarities between the series and things they’ve seen before. However, even if you find similar elements between “El Nehaya” and other sci-fi projects, rest assured that the series will have its own unique elements from the Arab region.

Up until now, the series is super exciting and fast-paced, and the setting is explained in an interesting manner. You follow the story of an engineer called Zein who’s not satisfied with the post-apocalyptic society he’s living in, where energy is the new currency, education is banned, and two corporations are monopolizing everything.

The story takes place in the year 2120, and throughout the first two episodes, they explain several times the major events that took place in the past century to lead to the setting they’re living in. Both Youssef El Sherif and Amr Abdelgelil are on top of their game during the two first episodes. Moreover, Hisham Kharma’s soundtrack is, by all means, the cherry on top, as he successfully got us all in the mood for a post-apocalyptic reality.

From the graphics and storytelling to the costume design and the acting, and judging by fans’ feedback so far, one can easily argue that the series will lead this year’s Ramadan marathon. However, only time will tell!

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