A Scoop of Hope: With the Help of Millions of Donations, Baby Mila’s Life Might Just be Saved

In December, 2020, Mila Ahmed Marzouk, only four months old at the time, was diagnosed with a rare disease (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), preventing her from moving her hands and feet, making her unable to control her head movements, and stopping her from breathing as well. And, since spinal muscular atrophy can also lead to death if the child is left untreated, Mila’s mom, Farah, luckily found Zolgensma, a one time gene treatment for Mila’s case. However, the treatment costs 2.5 million dollars, and since then, she launched a campaign to save Mila’s life. Yesterday, Mila’s mom posted a video, thanking all the donors, and announcing that they’ve received more than one million dollars in total, and an undisclosed donor/charity organization will be responsible for the rest of the costs.

Via Instagram

Farah can finally treat her baby daughter. Since she must take the injection before turning two, the family will be traveling to Jalila Hospital in Dubai to begin her treatment. Mila’s mom thanked the donors and everyone who supported her campaign in any way, including Amani Danhach “Ammounz,” a Lebanese activist, and Nour Alsouki, who stood by the family, and strongly supported and contributed to Mila’s campaign.

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