A Scoop of Hope: ‘Hand in Hand’ Offers Amputees in Egypt Another Chance at Life

Hand in Hand, a non-profit organization based in Cairo, Egypt, seeks to redefine the quality of life for amputees. Due to the high numbers of amputees within the nation, and with the unfortunate fact of high costs for available prosthesis, the organization decided to leap into this matter and offer 3D printed prosthetic devices to those affected, absolutely free of charge. Low-income families around the nation who are unable to perform their daily activities will be offered another chance at life, thanks to the persistent efforts by this organization.

Hand in Hand Vision

Stemming from their foundational roots of offering amputees more control over their bodies, Hand in Hand’s vision is the driving force that continues to push them in reaching all corners of the nation, increasing the quality of life for those who may be physically limited in their lives. Their values are the firm bedrock in which their vision may be realized. Putting their patients front and center in everything they do, using technology as a means to empower others, their commitment in delivering life changing experiences is undoubtedly soul stirring. Furthermore, they remain steadfast in their belief that all human beings are equal and deserve respect, irrespective of their differences.

A Strategic Way of Life

Hand in Hand consists of four strategic priorities in order to put into action their aspirations for future development and sustainability. Enable – Innovate – Communicate – Inspire. Using these strategies as their main driving force, the organization can enable amputees to conduct their tasks with as much ease as possible, and can further improve their innovative strategies for functional prosthetic devices of the highest calibre. In addition, keeping up with the needs of their patients and ensuring their well-being receives proper attention, serves as additional objectives for the organization. Inspiring the community so that people may respect each other’s physical differences, as well as taking into account the power behind unity, can guide society into embracing those different than them.

Targets and Feedback

At the moment, the feedback received by patients is of the utmost priority, allowing the organization to gain a more in depth understanding into how else they may be of service. The feedback that has been received included creating more life-like prosthesis, which was well received. Replicating a patient’s existing limbs is currently in the works, as well as working towards matching the wide variety of skin tones from the Egyptian population. Not only do the amputee populations in Egypt receive free prosthetic devices, but the organization ensures they receive psychological assistance, as well as life-long maintenance. As the organization continues its endeavor in innovative product and service development, they aim to provide these services to over 1,000 amputees by September, 2021.

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