6 factors That Distinguish Anti-Zionism from Antisemitism

While antisemitism is despicable, it should never be used as a distraction from the genocide that is currently taking place. While anti-Zionism and antisemitism are both based upon racist ideologies, one most definitely does not necessitate the other. This is a common misconception, and for those reasons, we have gathered for you six things that distinguish anti-Zionism from antisemitism. 

An antisemite is an anti-Jew – an anti-Zionist does not support the modern state of Israel 

Antisemitism is defined as the belief or hostile behavior towards Jews, simply because they are Jewish. Anti-Zionism, on the other hand, is against the establishment of a Jewish state, and the support for the modern state of Israel. While it may seem that they mean the same thing, it is completely possible to be one without the other. 

Antisemitism is a form of injustice, anti-Zionism is a form of justice 

Antisemitism is a form of injustice, and it is a racist ideology at best. Anti-Zionism, is in fact, a form of justice, as it is grounded in basic human rights for Palestinians.

Antisemitism is baseless, anti-Zionism is grounded 

Antisemitism is irrational. It is bigoted, and has no basis in reason. Anti-Zionism on the other hand, is intended on supporting the rights of Palestinians. One is baseless, while the other is grounded in logic. 

Antisemitism denies Jews their rights, anti-Zionism does not

Many people believe that being anti-Zionist equates to being antisemitic, thinking that anti-Zionism denies Jews their rights. This most definitely is not the case. Anti-Zionism protects the rights of Palestinians, and seeks a coexistence with Jews. 

Semitism can coexist with anti-Zionism, but Zionism cannot exist with antisemitism 

Supporting Jews needn’t go against supporting Palestinians. However, denying Palestinians their rights also serves as a hypocritical approach to giving Jewish people their rights, given the ideology that one should not be prejudiced based on their ethnicity, their nationality, or their religious identity. 

Both of them make you a bigot, but the presence of one is not detrimental to the other. 

Antisemitism and anti-Zionism do not suggest each other’s existence 

 Although antisemitism is horrific, it is currently used as a distraction from the genocide that is currently taking place. Anti-Zionism, on the other hand, calls for preventing genocide in itself. 

After all, the exploitation of Jewish trauma to promote the interests of a state is, in itself, antisemitic, and to equate the two, is to take away focus from the ethnic cleansing currently taking place in Palestine. 

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