7 Nonconventional Sports to get Into This Summer

For those of you who say “I enjoy exercise,” more often than not, you could be lying to yourself. The reason many training programs don’t last, is because some people do a sport, or train with certain exercises for the purpose of losing weight, irrespective of whether or not they enjoy it. Summer 2021 is coming up, and for this reason, we’ve gathered for you nonconventional and equally fun sports to take into consideration. 

Rowing in the Nile 

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Many centers such as Zamalek Kayak provide a unique rowing experience in the Nile River. It is a serene and relaxing experience, and yet at the same time, you’ll be putting several muscles into action. 

Horseback Riding

There is no better connection than a human being with a horse. Lose yourself to the serenity a horse brings, and enjoy the ride. 


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Based on both theory and practicality, kitesurfing is a heck of a fun sport. Many people think it has to do with fitness, but it is more of a means of connecting with the kite, and enjoying the adrenaline rush it brings. Get into it, it’s definitely a sport worth exploring. 


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Known for its beautiful seas, Egypt is definitely a place to discover for diving. From the mesmerizing corals and sea life, to detaching from the world above you, this one’s definitely worth a shot, or several. 


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What better way to burn a few pounds than shaking your body? This Columbian fitness program is not as cheesy as you may think. Move your body to the beat, and see where the rhythm takes you! 

Muay Thai 

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Take out all your anger and pent up frustration with your kicks, your elbows, and your knees with what Muay Thai offers. A super energizing sport that gets you to burn calories, whilst maintaining your focus on the next punch. 

Mountain Biking

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Whether in Mahmeya or the Sahara Desert, mountain biking could be a fun way to experience the rush, while also dealing with emotional struggles that align with making progress in the sport. Try it out! The physical effort you exert will challenge and train your mind concurrently. 

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