7 Aerial Arts Studios in Egypt to Start Your Workout in the Air

If you want to get moving and do some exercise, but you aren’t really into going to the gym, we got an idea for you. Aerial arts! It’s a practice in which artists dance and perform acrobatics whilst hanging from fabric in the air. It’s a mix between dance, gymnastics, and circus arts. Many people have pioneered this art and are mesmerized by it. Here we have seven places in Egypt that you can start your workout in the air in!

F Square

This center has three locations in Cairo: Zamalek, Sheikh Zayed, and Maadi. There are multiple other activities to be done at this center, but enjoyment is guaranteed!


At Katameya Residence in Cairo, this center exclusively specializes in aerial arts and contortion. Visit it and see for yourself!

Aerial Grace

Located in Maadi, there are other classes offered here for pole, gymnastics, flexibility, belly dancing, and heels dancing. You might actually get lost in there!


Located in Gouna, Phoenix also has multiple activities and courses available. They offer pole classes, lyra, aerial silks, corde lisse, strength & flexibility, and recovery.

She Zone

A fitness center located in First New Cairo which provides zumba classes, belly dancing, kickboxing, pilates and much more! Strictly for females though.

Acro Dance

Located in El Nozha, this center has aerial arts and flexibility classes with a graceful atmosphere.

Circus Hub

Considered a dance school, this hub is in Sheikh Zayed City. It’s a circus school, pole dance, and aerial sports studio. At this point, there are many references for you to choose from to make a start!

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