A Scoop of Hope: This New Egyptian Brand is Giving Back by Supporting Female Prisoners

To financially support female prisoners in Egypt, two young girls, Hana and Nourhan, thought of creating a brand where they help hardworking women who aren’t able to find jobs after they leave prison. The girls launched Narya&Ahara, where they make designs of clothes, shoes, and accessories, and give these designs to female prisoners to work on and tailor. They then market these items on social media, and once they get sold, the money goes to the women who worked on them.

In a video they posted on their Instagram account, the girls explained that “Narya and Ahara” are pharoanic Egyptian names for energetic and beautiful, and this was why they chose this as the name of their brand, to show that women can be both smart and beautiful. The girls are calling on the public to support the brand because it will offer you an affordable item made with excellent material, and you’d be making a difference in someone’s life.

Moroccan actress Jihane Khalil and Egyptian TV Presenter Yasmine Elkhateib have supported the brand by publicly posting about it on their Instagram accounts.

WE SAID THIS: Support their page and make a difference!

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