A Scoop of Hope: All About the Emirati Man Who Created a WhatsApp Group That Feeds Thousands

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus had a huge impact on everyone’s life. As businesses are downsizing or closing down, a lot of people are losing their jobs and become even more vulnerable. This thought led an Emirati man called Aamer Al Yafei to take a stand and start a very heart-warming initiative.

Aamer used social media to try and connect those who want to help with those who need food, creating a WhatsApp group that in time became known as the UAE Relief Initiative. Since then the group has helped thousands of people.

“We have supported up to 7,000 people. But there are thousands we have not been able to help as well. It is crazy how many people there are who need aid. These are people who have not earned anything in months. A lot of them have families with young kids. So we are trying to get the children some essentials,” said Aamer.

If you want to join the group and try to help out, send them an email on uaereliefvolunteers@gmail.com

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