4 Ways to Make Eid Celebrations More Exciting While Locked Down in Quarantine

It goes without saying that the memories you create as a child are the ones that stick with you for the rest of your life. So it’s very important to make the best out of this year’s Eid-el Fitr even when the world pandemic is keeping us in quarantine. Think about it, if you managed to figure out how to enjoy Ramadan in quarantine, you can certainly celebrate Eid at home with your family, and we’re here to help you experience the joy of this occasion with few tips and ideas, so let’s jump into it!

Start with decorating your house with colorful Eid Mubarak signs and balloons to set the festive mood. Make sure to set up a corner to put gifts and goody bags for the kids and surprise them with it after Eid prayer.

Another nice idea is to have a home-themed photoshoot with your family members, all you’ve got to do is dress up and gather your family to create a memory that all of you can cherish forever.

And since we’re used to having lunch on the first day of Eid with our friends, family and extended relatives, this year is going to be exclusive to your family members. You can prepare lunch together, get the kids involved, and take over the kitchen to bring the family closer while making a delicious meal.

Finally, although you won’t be able to greet your neighbors and relatives in person, you can go virtual! Set the time and date and get everyone on FaceTime or Skype to celebrate and greet each other.

We hope next year everyone can celebrate Eid surrounded by their families and loved ones, and have faith that we’re going to get through this together.

WE SAID THIS: Happy Eid!