A Scoop of Hope: For the Fourth Day in a Row, No New COVID-19 Cases Were Reported in Palestine

For the past few months, the coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East has been a ticking bomb, and our region has more than one reason to fear the pandemic. Even though the average population is roughly 60% below the age of 30, which consequently makes them less vulnerable to developing COVID-19, an illness that has already killed so many people in countries with aging populations. But let’s not forget the consequences of living in the most unstable region in the world; countries here have gone through years of strife which left weaknesses that the pandemic is only going to deepen.

On the other hand, medical facilities in the Middle East, especially in Palestine, are surprisingly among the best healthcare institutions in the world. According to reports, Mai Alkaila, Palestine’s Minister of Health said yesterday “for the fourth day in a row, no new coronavirus cases were reported in Palestine, which stands at 547, with 16 patients have recovered raising the total up to 367.”

Via Al Jazeera

This is great news given the fact that Palestine is among the most unstable countries in the region. We hope the situation remains relatively stable with zero reported cases, it’s important to keep the hight spirit and pray that this too shall pass.

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