A Scoop Of Mosalsalat: Asser Yassin and Karim Fahmy’s Declarations of Love Yesterday Were Too Hot to Handle!


This year’s Ramadan race is exceeding everyone’s expectations, and there is something to suit every taste. If you’re into sci-fi you’ll love “El Nehaya”, if you’re into drama/crime you’d enjoy “Kheyanet Ahd” and “El Brens”, and if you’re into drama/thriller then you might like “Lama Kona Soghayareen”.

However, those who are into romance were living their best lives yesterday, as two of the most popular series this Ramadan, “B 100 Wesh” and “We Neheb Tany Leh” ended in love confessions! Both series ended with Asser Yassin confessing to Nelly Karim and Karim Fahmy confessing their love to Yasmine Abdelaziz.

The two scenes were so romantic and sweet they were obviously too hot for the internet to handle, and ever since they aired people have been spamming the feeds of different social media platforms with romantic posts, memes, comics, and videos.

WE SAID THIS: It only takes one “Hey, Sugar”.