A Round-Up Of Food Apps That Make Life Easier Around Egypt

Last week, I went for a Europe trip and I remember sitting in my Airbnb starving after a long sweaty day of sightseeing, just thinking of ordering food to cap the night off. Suddenly I was filled with appreciation for Egypt and how easy it was to order food. All we have to do is move our thumbs and 20 minutes later there’s a hot delicious meal in front of us. With that in mind, here’s a list of the food apps that make our life easier and that much tastier. 


Breadfast is the go-to app if you need fresh bakery or good-quality groceries. With all the products listed in with pictures in front of you to make sure no one will mix up your order. Also, you can order your breakfast and fresh coffee and juice ahead of time to wake up to the sound of the delivery guy bringing you the food at the scheduled time. 

El menus 

El menus is the best app for when you feel like eating, but can’t decide what to eat. You just scroll over the hundreds of restaurant options till you make up your mind. With special promo codes and offers you receive every now and then as a happy surprise. 


Talabat, a similar app with the quickest delivery time and the best feature is the Talabat Mart option for when you need the basic kiosk (koshk) snacks but without the supermarket hassle. Less than 20 minutes and you’ll have all the snacks you need. 


This app is for when your stomach has just had about enough fast food but you don’t have time to cook. Mumm fixed this dilemma by delivering homemade food exactly how you would do it with the same hygiene measurements and ingredient quality. There are also value meals to save a few extra bucks. 

Zumra Food 

Zumra comes in handy when you’re craving more spice with Asian ingredients. Whether you want a ready-made meal or you need the specific ingredients to prepare it yourself with all the authentic products, Zumra is your best option.

Via Zumra


Akelni, is a food app that satisfies just by its name of it. With over 1500 restaurants and 52 cuisines that will definitely please your tastebuds. The delivery time is quick with additional offers.

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