Top Food Delivery Apps Around the World

If you are under the impression that the food delivery industry is unique to the U.S., you are living with a misconception. The reality is the COVID19 pandemic opened the door for food delivery businesses all over the world. That’s really good news in the future if you have plans to travel. No matter where you might be going, you can go with the knowledge you can easily get food delivered anywhere you want with nothing more that access to the right mobile app. In an effort to help you during your travels, here’s a list of the companies that experts feel are the best food delivery companies in the world. To refrain from showing any bias, the list is alphabetical.

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Deliveroo is a London-based food delivery app that provides food delivery services within 200 different cities. Their business is very brisk because of the high volume of coupons they provide from many of the UK’s favorite sit-down and fast food restaurants.

Domino’s Pizza

Of the restaurants that provide their own food delivery service, Domino’s Pizza ranks as the very best. The company continues to ride the wave of good discounts, the availability of coupons, and the 30 minutes guarantee delivery service. Domino’s is now in many countries throughout the world.


Doordash has been around awhile, making it a pioneer in the industry. They provide food delivery services in both the U.S. and Canada, covering as many as 300 cities in 32 markets. The app offers a restaurant rating system.


FoodPanda has become very popular in major countries and cities all over the world, particularly in Asian countries like The Philippines. They offer a huge selection of restaurants from which to choose. You can also find Foodpanda discount codes where they offer up to 19% cash back when you order.


With offices in major cities like Chicago, New York, and London, Grubhub can boast about offering delivery services from as many as 30,000 different restaurants that cover as many as 800 major communities. It’s no small thing that company has been around since 2004.

Just Eat

This is one of the biggest food delivery services in the world, offering food delivery from over 82,000 restaurants in Europe. Founded in 2001, the company has served more that 21 million customers with as many as 1 million customers active on a regular basis.


With Postmates, the order goes directly to the restaurant with the Postmates Valet getting an alert. They head to the restaurant, pick up the food, and deliver it. Their service also includes alcohol pickup and delivery.


Yes, the people of India like having food delivered to their doorsteps. Boasting over 1.5 million active users, Swiggy offers a wallet function that allows people to keep money on deposit for quick payment of food delivery orders. 

Uber Eats

The food delivery business is a natural for the largest “taxi” service in the world. The Uber Eats app is separate from the Uber app, but still offers the same cashless payment service.

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