Check Out These Sandwich Shops Around The North Coast

Picture this: feet in the sand, hands wrapped around a sandwich, there’s no better way than to spend a day by the beach as you munch on a delectable sandwich.


Smoked brisket or smoked ribs? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question because the answer is both! That’s why Brisk should always be on your Sahel restaurants list. With the best sandwiches in town, Brisk creates the perfect combo of a good quality meal in a sandwich form. Go check them out in Almaza Bay.


To all our Asian food enthusiasts in Sahel, head to Yugo in Hacienda White. The place also has many other options, like noodles if you’re in the mood for a more dining meal. A tiny tip: don’t skip the matcha ice cream when you’re done.

Holy Buns

Holy Buns is the accessible option across Hacienda White, Seashell, Diplo 3, and Marassi for constantly being open. We recommend going for a smashed burger with fries and your favorite drink to keep you full and satisfied this summer.


Mario’s North Coast branch in Marassi will definitely make your beach snack worthy and more enjoyable with their juicy burgers and hot shrimp rolls. Needless to say that a milkshake as a dessert is a necessity at the end of the meal.

Munch and Dawgs

A cheesy, spicy hotdog sandwich with a side of wings will be a game changer to your beach experience. It will almost compete with the beach view. Go try Munch and Dawgs on the beach in Seashell for a delicious lunch.


If you’re in the mood for something light yet filling, check out Takosan at Hacienda, Seashell, Marassi, Diplo 3, and Lakeyard. Their tacos and sushi burritos filled with fresh ingredients and dipped in sauces will make your tummy extra happy. Especially if you’re into seafood.

Howlin’ Birds

from scale one to Howlin, how much can you handle your spice? if you’re confident enough, try Howlin Bird in Diplo chicken sandwich and feel your taste buds buzzing.

Nathan’s Famous

In the mood for a burger, hotdog, fried chicken, or sliced beef sandwich? All these options are available at Nathan’s Famous located at Hacienda and Marassi.

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