A Prisoner’s Compassion: Hamza’s $17 Donation Spurs $102K Backing For Gaza

In a moment of sheer humanity, a man trapped within the confines of a prison, his freedom swept away in the blink of an eye, still managed to do an act of kindness, knowing he wouldn’t receive anything in return.

His name is Hamza, and he donated all his prison earnings, totaling $17.74, to Gaza. It’s a beautiful gesture, as when learning more about his story, one notices the level of selflessness involved.

So, who’s Hamza and what is his story?

Years ago, when he was just 16 years old, Hamza got incarcerated in a California prison for a tragic accident and has remained locked in prison for 40 years and counting. Throughout that time, he worked tirelessly as a janitor, where he earned a meager 13 cents per hour.

After 136 hours of labor, he managed to earn $17, and he donated his entire savings to the people of Gaza. Such a beautiful act didn’t go unnoticed, and in return for his powerful act of solidarity and kindness, he was repaid.

He was celebrated by the Palestinian Youth Movement on social media, “some of the deepest solidarity with Palestine in the US lies in the prison system — not only today but historically.” Along with that was an even bigger award.

Through a GoFundMe page, he ended up receiving $102,187 in donations (so far), money that he could use to rebuild his life after incarceration. Such an act showcases how there’s still a lot of humanity and selflessness in the world, giving a semblance of hope and pride to the Palestinian people.

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