A Near Death Experience: Journalist Bisan Ouda Recalls Gaza’s Tragic On-Ground Invasion

The sonic boom of deadly airstrikes has been plaguing Gaza and destroying schools, hospitals, refugee camps, and homes. Amidst the dangerous conditions, brave Palestinian journalists like Bisan Ouda stood on the frontlines to document the on-ground tragedies. Her most terrifying moment came on November 10, when the ongoing violence reached an unimaginable height.

Sharing a poignant post on Instagram, Ouda gave viewers a heartfelt and tragic update, “The 10th of November… I am still alive… Israeli tanks today entered West Gaza. It is an on-ground invasion.” Massive tanks have entered the city in full force, attacking everything in their wake including Alrimal Primary School as well as a school near the clinic of Patient’s French Society.

In another post, Ouda went on to mention that schools were not the only buildings attacked by the on-ground invasion, “Alrantise, Alnaser, Shifa’a hospitals were bombed and besieged!!”

The attack resulted in thousands of people losing their lives. Even the ones injured had no hope of survival as when their bodies were dragged to the nearby Patient’s French clinic no medical supplies were available. When it came to the remaining survivors, their only hope was to escape Gaza City through a long road that would lead them to the south in what many refer to as the second Nabka.

Ouda calls the road a “nightmare” as people need to walk for three to four hours on foot including the elderly, disabled and children. Not only that, they have to evacuate in the face of extreme danger as many of the civilians get bombed while traveling on that road.

Such a detailed and horrific account of November 10 could have only been shared and documented by someone brave like Ouda, a Palestinian journalist risking her life every day to give the world a devastating real look into the tragedies befalling Gaza.

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