A Month of Lights: How the Middle East Sets the Mood for the Holy Month of Ramadan

That time of the year is approaching us! The holy month of Ramadan is a widely anticipated time by all Muslim Arabs throughout the Middle East, and Muslims globally. There are all kinds of traditions and customs that revolve around Ramadan, including special foods, TV shows, TV ads, Ramadan decorations, and songs. It’s extremely easy to realize that Ramadan has arrived, if you literally look anywhere around you. It carries with it an imprint on the atmosphere. Take a look below at how Arab countries decorate their streets, and tell us if it isn’t obvious that the introduction to Ramadan has started!


Lebanon sure celebrates Ramadan by putting artistic decorations in both the streets, as well as the homes. Decorations are laid in front of restaurants and shops for people to enjoy as they shop, or get ready to have ‘iftar.’ The mood set throughout the country for the holy month with these decorations are mesmerizing.

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The beautiful city of Amman, Jordan glows during the holy month. It’s as crowded as ever – when it’s not under lockdown, and the decorative lights and lamps illuminate the streets. Decorations are placed in streets and at mosques, for people to enjoy them as they go to prayer. It’s truly a spiritually endearing time.

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You can basically hear the Ramadan songs just by looking at the picture, because it’s not just about the decorations, the songs play a huge part too. The mood is constantly set in the radiant city of Cairo, as people go out and about enjoying their day.

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Saudi Arabia

People crowd the streets at night, after spending their days indoors during the fasting. The streets are brightened up and gleaming, as the people of Saudi Arabia venture at night.

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The beautiful country of the United Arab Emirates stands out in its beauty during Ramadan. Dubai has the best of restaurants, malls and aesthetic mosques, all flooded with Ramadan decorations! That’s literally the spirit!

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Palestine, though it endures its own hardships, manages to create beauty throughout the holy month. Lights set a delightful and graceful beacon upon the buildings and streets, as people celebrate the arrival of Ramadan.

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