9 Tips To Make Traveling Cheaper

Everyone around me, myself included, has dreams of traveling the world. But there’s one common factor that seems to stop us all: finances!

Though we can’t afford to travel the world (unless there’s someone out there who is willing to finance it!), there are a few tips that will help you cut a great deal on expenses.

1. Choose the right booking time


If you’re flexible with dates, then you can save a large amount of money just by booking ahead or booking last minute! There are cheap sites where you can compare prices and get the best deal possible and even be notified when a certain destination you’re interested in is offering a deal you just can’t refuse.

So before you get booking, start signing up and doing the proper research, it might just be your lucky day. Rumour has it that the Tuesday three weeks before the flight has the cheapest price.

2. Choose a multi-stop flight


Direct flights to your destination can be pretty expensive. So when you’re booking your trip, try out a multi-leg itinerary. It might just be cheaper – or even the same price, and you can include a few days stop at an additional city for no extra cost.

Yes, it can be hectic and yes, it’ll take you longer to get there, but when you can save a large sum of money on it, who cares?!

3. Go Couch Surfing


Instead of paying for your accommodation, go on couchsurfing.com and you’ll find a whole bunch of people willing to let you stay at their place without paying a dime or at super low rates.

And just so you feel safe, each user has a profile, with reviews from previous people who have stayed at their place. If you feel uncomfortable staying in other people’s homes, an alternative is to hire a campervan which lets you save money while also having your own space. There are usually local camper hire companies wherever you go, for example you could search for a Brisbane camper hire in Australia, or a London camper hire in the UK.

4. Pack your snacks from home and cook while you’re there


There’s no point in spending money on packets of crisps and chocolates. Stock up before you leave. Instead of eating out all the time at your destination – which can add up – hit up the grocery store and cook your meals yourself.

5.Use frequent flyer miles


If you’re a frequent traveler, you can save a lot of money by using one airline and collecting mileage on every flight you take. You can then use those mileage points and redeem them to get discounts on flights.

6. Get seasonal deals with tour companies

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There are many tour companies that have off-season specials or deals for certain times of the year. Just start following them and keep an eye out for what could be the deal of a lifetime.

7. Skip the hotel


Another way to save on accommodation is to camp rather than pay a fortune on hotels. Enjoy the great outdoors instead of being cooped up in four walls.

8. Workaways


There are many organizations that give you the opportunity to work in a farm or vineyard or even teach a language to kids at school while covering your expenses.

Some of these organizations will also give you pocket money or a small salary while others will not cover flights. Whatever the deal is, you’ll be saving money!

9. Get advice from the locals


More often than not, touristic sites are the most expensive of any city. The locals always seem to have the insights on the best affordable places to eat that will make you get a sense of the culture of the place you’re visiting as well as where to get the best deals on accommodation, shopping and many other things.

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