9 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks and How to Pull Them Off

Halloween is just around the corner, have you thought of your costume already. Yes, but you can’t get your makeup game on? Well, we’ve got you the most amazing looks to slay this Halloween and how to do them right in the comfort of your own home.



  • Harley Quinn


Via Tumblr.


  • Draw a small heart on your cheek with a black eyeliner
  • Use a very light foundation and add on lots of face powder
  • After applying the red lipstick take ear cotton buds and go over one side of your bottom lip and make two straight lines
  • Apply pink eye shadow on your right eyelid and blue eye shadow on the left one then apply the same colors right below your water line and smoke them out with a small brush



  • The Joker


Via Tumblr


  • Apply very light foundation and add on lots of white powder to your face
  • Contour your face starting from your cheekbones going down to your chin
  • Add pink/red kohl to your waterline
  • Blend red and black eye shadows together and apply them to your eyelids and below your waterline and smoke them out to make them look sloppy
  • Use black eyeliner to draw tattoos on your face, arms and neck
  • Line your lips with dark red or brown lip liner and then apply dark red lipstick
  • Wear grey or green lenses



  • Fifi Abdou


Via Layalina.
Via Layalina.


No makeup tricks for this one. I think we all have a Fifi Abdou in us though!



  • The Chanels


Via Tumblr.


The more stylish you look, the more you belong to the Chanels. Throw on a blonde wig, wear bright colored dresses (pink, purple, blue or orange), apply a very girly makeup and have sleek hairstyles.



  • El Ostoura (Refa3y Eldesouky and Naser)


Via El-Ostoura.


We’re definitely certain that many young Egyptian men will want to look like Mohamed Ramadan this year. All you have to do is go bold and draw this beard and mustache with a black kohl or eye liner. Ugly gold chains won’t hurt too!



Nelly Karim in Soqot 7or


Via Layalina.



  • Add a little bit of foundation on your lips to make them look pale
  • Wear a little bit of black kohl and smudge it with a brush so you look like you’re crying
  • Don’t apply concealer



  • Khaleesi

Via Game of Thrones.


The blonde hair, the braids, the darker brows and the light makeup will do the trick.



  • Khal Drogo


Via Tumblr.
Via Tumblr.


  • Grow a beard and a mustache and add small hair ties to the end of your beard
  • Add black eye shadow to your eyelids till you cover your brows then add kohl to your waterline and finally add black shadow below the waterline and smudge it until you reach the black smokey eyes look
  • Add some concealer to an ear cotton bud and draw a line with it in the center of your brows




Samira Saeed



Via Tumblr.


Be a 53-year-old woman and “lesa be keesek.”



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