This 86 Second Video Is an Egyptian Adventure We All Want to Go On

Via: Facebook

Facebook user Omar Aref released a short video on his Facebook timeline, and we are just in love with everything about this video. The video, titled ’86 Seconds in Egypt’, is literally just that: 1 minute and 26 seconds around our beloved Egypt.


Despite of the video’s brevity, it is truly able to capture the essence of the kinds of adventures one can do when in Egypt.


The video’s eclectic and exciting mixture of a set of all-Egyptian adventures, is matched by an uplifting soundtrack that meanders to fit in with the sounds made by camels moving alongside the pyramids, the sounds made by people snorkeling and exploring the breathtaking marine life found within the depths of the Red Sea, the sounds made by beach buggies whilst on safari somewhere in an Egyptian dessert, and much much more.



But we have to say that our favorite thing about this video is the way in which it is shot and edited; the video is shot in a very raw and real manner, and the frames are not extensively re-touched. This factor of sincerity reveals the truly unique beauty of the all-Egyptian adventure that is this video: a beauty which does not need filtering, and/or professional cameras, and/or extensive editing for it to be made evident for the viewer.




WE SAID THIS: This video is truly a treat that will saturate all of your senses.