Photo of Farida Osman’s Dad Being Father of the Year Will Melt Your Heart

Via SF Chronicle


Egypt’s favorite swimmer, Farida Osman, keeps winning everyone’s heart one day after the other. The 22-year-old champion made history by winning the bronze medal in the women’s 50m butterfly final in Budapest, and winning Egypt’s first ever medal in the World Championships.


While we have been going on and on about the unstoppable mean water machine, some light needs to be shed on Osman’s unsung heroes; her parents. A photo went viral on social media of Farida Osman’s father standing on the side while his daughter was talking to the media.


Via Yalla Sba7a


The photo described the father as the real hero of the story, the man who cried when his daughter won while everyone else simply shed tears.


Any parent would know the time and effort it takes to commit to sports. With Egypt’s education system, it can be quite challenging for parents to turn their children into sport legends, while maintaining the grades that will get them into college.


You can be the most talented kid in the world, but if your parents don’t take the time and effort, you will never be a Fardia Osman. This photo is years of waking up in dawn, skipping vacations, changing priorities and simply being a selfless parent. Kudos to her parents.



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