8 Super Fly Moms in the Arab World You Need to Follow on Instagram

Everyone knows the four pillars of Instagram success: a #foodporn breakfast, a well-styled selfie, fluffy kittens, and cute little kids. The last of which is the hardest to achieve—really, the creepiest to achieve with any regularity unless you’re a nanny, a proud aunt or uncle, or, of course, you made one of them yourself. There are some women who really have it all, an exclusive club known as the Super Fly Moms of Instagram. And they are as follows:



Noha El-Sherbiny



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She is a social media genius, she blogs about fashion and being a mom. If you ever fancy some momspiration on how to look like a million dollars even when you have a bun in the oven, she’s the one for you.



Yasmine El-Mehairy


If Superman was a woman and a mom, then he would be El-Mehairy. She’s the Middle East’s very own Super Mama, garnering over a million followers on her mom blog – supermamame.com – and helping newly moms and old ones how to mommy all over the Arab world.



Hana Elawadi


#dubaidrums in the house! #musicforthesoul #frecklesnfro #bibainthecity #mummyblogger #dubai

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With two itsy, bitsy munchkins (Habiba and Zain) on her hand, Elawadi will teach you how to raise children between spaces and identities. Oh, she’ll also help you up your selfie game with your kids. #JustSayin



Samar Samar


A mother of one and a half, Haya and Zac. Being a mom is her full-time job and blogging about on Instagram is her part-time one. Her Instagram is about her experience, how being a mom is not about perfection and that it’s about every sacred minute you experience and enjoy with your bundle of joy!



Corrine Fuchs


#Thisishowwedo #Halloween #harajuku #sailormoon #rainbowdash #happyhalloween #kidatheart #kidsofinstagram #family #kawaii

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Not only does Fuchs make the lives of every mom in Dubai easier, but she also won Time Out’s Kids Awards. Follow her on Instagram adventures as she takes her kids to costumes parties, teaches them how to cook and more OMG-THIS-IS-SO-CUTE things.



Nina Ali


Missing my Dubai #MyDubai #Pregnant #5months #SoukAlBahar #tbt

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Born in Lebanon but moved to Dubai. Ali mothers three kids while looking like something straight out of a Vogue magazine, but she doesn’t stop at that, she actually tells people on her Instagram about how she does it. The world needs more people like her.



Sarah Taha


She plans massive events, she constantly blogs about fashion, she gives advice to moms on what to wear and where to get it from and more. We honestly don’t know how Taha does it all. But you can always find out on her Instagram.



Nour Aboulela


Good morning! I'm a #Downy_Super_Mom today Kind of just rolled out of bed? #Downy

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We give an honorable mention to Aboulela, because even though her Instagram has NOTHING to do with being a mom or having kids, when she actually posts about that, it makes our hearts flutter.


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