8 Insane ‘Game of Thrones’ Theories from Arab Fans That Will Blow Your Mind

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With Game of Thrones new much-anticipated season just one week away, I couldn’t contain my excitement to write a piece about my all-time favorite TV series.


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GoT is, without a doubt, the most popular TV series of all time, and Arabs are considered to be a huge chunk of its fans. The fan community is always coming up with theories that don’t necessarily make any sense; however, they’re sometimes proven to be true just like the popular R+L=J theory.


Just like the international fans community, the GoT Arab fans community come up with insane theories. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite theories that are popular in the Arab world.



Tyrion Lannister is Tyrion Targaryen


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This theory claims that Tyrion is not the son of Tywin Lannister, but is the son of the Mad King (Aerys II Targaryen); as he raped Tywin’s wife. Advocates of this theory use Tyrion’s scene taming one of Dany’s dragons as evidence that he has a Targaryen blood.



Kingslayer is going to be Queenslayer


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Another theory that has taken over the Arab and international fans community is Jaime Lannister killing his on-screen lover (AKA sister) Cersei Lannister. The fans use the look Jaime gave Cersei while she was being crowned queen as evidence, as it was full of disappointment of what she has done to the city. How Cersei used the wildfire was basically the same reason Jaime killed the Mad King.





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One character that has a huge fan base in the Arab fans community is Stannis Baratheon; The One True King. They keep claiming that Stannis will be back one day and that Brienne of Tarth did not actually kill him (as it did not appear on screen).



Eddard Stark = Jaqen H’ghar = Syrio Forel


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This is one of the weirdest and most bizarre theories that I’ve ever come across. It concludes Eddard Stark, Jaqen H’ghar and Syrio Forel being the same person, and that Ned did not actually die. I think Jon Snow returning back from the dead made all Arab fans assume that their favorite characters are destined to come back one day.



Bran the Builder 


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Bran The Builder was the man who created Winterfell and raised The Wall over 8,000 years before the events of Game of Thrones. There is a  belief in the Arab fan groups that our Bran is the same Bran because of his ability to influence the past. I’ll never forgive the bastard for what he did to Hodor though.





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The epic fight between Clegane brothers has been long awaited by the Game of Thrones community.



Gendry will be back to forge Jon’s Armour 


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Remember Robert Baratheon’s bastard son that went on a boat trip a couple of seasons ago? He is rumored to be back and team up with Jon Snow. And since he was a blacksmith, he is expected to forge a weapon or an armor of some sort for Jon.



The Happy Ending 


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Arabic movies and novels are always associated with happy endings, which makes sense why Arabs want the same for GoT. That concept, however, is something that is entirely alien from George R. R. Martin. People are already assuming that Jon Snow (Targaryen) is going to marry Daenerys Targaryen and rule Westeros together and live happily ever after. Even though that will technically make Danny his aunt…



WE SAID THIS: Let us know what theories that you are looking forward to.