7 Cairo Venues That Are Perfect to Chill out, Relax and Listen to Live Music

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Sometimes, all you want to do is kick back, relax, and listen to some feel-good music. Some places in Egypt offer just that; friendly atmosphere, a warm cup of coffee, and the soft tunes that will take your mind off of any stressful day.


Here are some of our favorite picks that you must treat your soul with once a while.



Darb 1718


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With its on point decorations and art galleries that will take your breath away, Darb 1718 hosts some of the coolest underground bands. It is located in old Cairo.





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Alrab3 is basically the place for every art enthusiast out there. It offers the chance for any artist, be it a musician, a drawer, or an actor to express their art on the stage down in El Moez street in Old Cairo.



Room Art Space & Cafe


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This venue is basically a basement in Garden City with a really cozy atmosphere. It hosts some pretty chill — by chill, I mean chill — events. Their events vary from live music to theater, storytelling, movie nights, and even drum circles!



Sawy Culture Wheel


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The widely known Sawy Culture Wheel is where some of our famous artists were discovered. It offers a platform for all artists to show their works and talents. The Culture Wheel is located in Zamalek.



3elbet Alwan


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Located at the heart of Zamalek, 3elbet Alwan believes that life is full of colors and talents, and its duty is to show them. They offer everyone blank papers and crayons for you to draw on while you take in the live music.



El Genaina Theater


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Your place to go if you’re in the mood for the concert-feeling. It is an open air theater that offers a variety of band shows for you to sit on the grass and listen to good music all night.





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Zawya is mainly a place that shows some of the best independent movies, but it also hosts occasional concerts from time to time.



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