Egyptian Restaurant Challenges You to Eat 60 Sandwiches for Free

Via Kebda and Shawerma


Foodaholics, rejoice for today is Christmas gracing us in the summer. For those who appreciate a delicious, greasy and heavenly sandwich, you are in for a treat and we are heavily hyperventilating from excitement. Egyptian restaurant, Kebda w Shawerma (Liver and Shawerma), has challenged all of us to unleash our inner beasts and we’re so ready for this fiesta.


All you have to do is eat 30 sogo2 and 30 kebda sandwiches all by yourself and you will be named as the akeeel (ultimate eater) of kebda and shawerma and your photo will bless the walls of their restaurant. That’s not even the best part, you can eat whatever you want for free from 5-6 PM daily for the rest of your freaking life.


Via Facebook


Guys, whoever is interested, we need to take this challenge seriously. Do not starve yourself to death before going as you will definitely feel full after 4-5 sandwiches. We need to eat non-stop and stretch our muscles so there is enough space for the best gift social media will ever give us. Just be ready with your Antinal because this is going to be tough.


Do you have what it takes to rule the sogo2/kebda reign?



WE SAID THIS:  For more info, check out Kebda w Shawerma Facebook page here