7 Rules You Can Follow if You’re An Arab Leaning Towards a More Plastic-Free Lifestyle

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Via Economia

Luckily, the world is growing more conscious of human impact on the environment. Plastic pollution has been there for decades and people have been aware of its negative influence on wildlife and the entire ecostystem for quite some time. However, going plastic-free has become a global trend lately, it has become a lifestyle that many people around the world are positively adopting.

Unfortunately, such a thing is almost impossible to implement in a country like Egypt a plastic is being used in almost everything. From soap and detergent packaging, to water bottles and toothpaste tubes. But despite all of that, many Egyptians are becoming more aware of the cause and wish to make a change. We know it’s kind of difficult to commit to such a decision with many factors not in our favor, but at least there are some things we could all do that will contribute to positive impact. So even if you cannot go entirely plastic-free, here are some new rules you could easily follow if you’re leaning towards a more positive attitude.