7 Egyptian Horror Movies to Watch at Work Behind Your Boss’s Back

You might think watching a horror Egyptian movie won’t scare the bejesus out of you, but you can’t be more wrong. I know what a disappointment the finale scene is with our so-called scary experiences, when the highly anticipated villain turns out to be a mere serial killer with a “Mama zamanha gaya” song fetish. However trust me on this, watching a horror film on Halloween at work with your headphones blasting the scary screams and trying not to get caught by your boss is exhilarating.

Lenovo’s new phablet, PHAB Plus, has the most perfect screen and audio system for a secret mission that needs to be perfectly executed if you don’t want to get fired. The screen is big enough to watch a full-screen movie comfortably and small enough to be hidden on your lap without giving you away. And the sound is incredible! With their Dolby Atmos collaboration, you can only imagine how clearly each terrified breath will sound.

Here are seven Egyptian horror movies you can watch on Halloween at work to get you ready for a night full of tricks and treats:



ElFil ElAzraq



Contrary to popular belief, there are no blue elephants in this feature. Think Shutter Island meets True Detective. It’s a fan favorite, yet many were disappointed with the ending, but c’mon what do you expect from horror movies?



A7lam Hakikiya



Hanan Turk goes all Sandra Bullock in the movie Premonition.





warda 20-11-14 (2)

A documentary-style movie that will put you in the same frame of mind as The Blair Witch Project.



El Dasas



A haunted house with a group of friends that is both hilarious and entertaining. This is The Haunting movie gone Arab.



Negmet Dawood



A romance gone bad, parents lost in a car accident and lots of surprises.






Don’t expect to find someone as freaky as Regan from The Exorcism of Emily Rose, however, the whole “I’m a possessed girl with a computerized voice” always keeps me awake at night, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.



And of course, the movie that horrified generations, Al Ins We Al Gin



Until this very day, curtains blown by the wind still freak me out. I just can’t seem to let go of the scene where Adel Imam materialized in front of Youssra in the bedroom at night. Spooky 80s stuff.



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