7 Arab Celebs Sharing their Self-Love Tips Just For You

By Yara Osama

Since there are some girls that are not confident about themselves and their own bodies, it is important to highlight the need to be self-confident and loving yourself as it is. Sometimes we might be very tough on ourselves by entailing a lot of self-criticisms, like “No I’m not beautiful and I have so many fats or I’m too skinny”.  We keep measuring our weight and sometimes using a lot of makeup in order to cover flaws on our faces. It’s okay to put makeup but don’t use it for the purpose of being more beautiful, just keep in mind that you will remain beautiful with or without makeup.

We have different body shapes that make us unique, and believe it or not, once you reach the level of loving your features and your body with its stretches and curves, you will achieve the level of inner peace. Keep loving yourself and stop comparing yourself to others, you are beautiful the way you are.

Scroll down and check these celebrities who give us positive messages on self-love. 

Engy Wegdan 

Via Facebook

Engy Wegdan the Egyptian actress is one of the most inspirational figures on social media. She took the lead to talk to girls who are overweight, and to encourage them to be more confident. Most of her videos are about how to love yourself, and body positivity. Engy believes that it’s okay to do surgeries, lose weight and put on makeup, but doing so because you want to for your own self and not for anyone else. 

Tara Emad

It seems that Tara Emad is interested in issues that are mainly related to women. Passing through an experience of lacking self-love, made Tara be the one who advocates girls to love themselves and the way they look. She believes also that loving yourself doesn’t require to be loved by someone. It’s all about yourself, if you love yourself, you won’t wait for the love of anyone else to grant you the feeling of being loved. 

Amina Khalil

In TEDx, this inspirational actress talked before about loving your own features, and that she was in a situation that needed her to do cosmetic surgery, but she refused to do so. Amina always talks about loving her own features, and her body as well. She repeated again the need to be self-confident through posting a picture where it showed her love-handles, saying “You should accept and truly be ok with that” and that “Nothing shines brighter than confidence”. 

Karen Wazen

An influencer that raises a lot of awareness regarding different issues including the idea of our real beauty. Karen appeared in a video without makeup or filters talking about her start-up and how she did not feel confident at first about her look, adding that we have our real beauty. The real beauty for Karen meant being just you with your flaws. She encourages girls not to try being like someone else, just be YOU.

Huda Kattan


Huda is the founder of Huda Beauty, who always aims to spread body positivity and self-love. She joined different campaigns that advocated self-love, one of them is her collaboration with Sara Shakeel on a sparkly self-love campaign which aimed to highlight the features that some may choose to hide. Huda also appears in different videos talking about her struggle towards self-love and how to love yourself. 

Sherine Arafa

The founder of “I is more”, which aims to inspire people and spread the idea that the soul is more important than anything else. Sherine aims at talking about her struggle towards the lack of self-confidence and to help others not to go through it. She believes that our outside look is not what will value us at all. Arafa also encourages people to be more self-confident through sharing the talks of celebrities about self-love. 

Lujain Salah

An Egyptian makeup artist with vitiligo that uses her Instagram page to spread positivity and self-confidence. Lujain encourages people to accept themselves, and she believes that accepting yourself will result in people accepting you. Loving and accepting herself according to Lujain helped her to find the acceptance of the people for her look. Her words always aim to inspire her followers. 

WE SAID THIS: Keep loving yourself, you are beautiful the way you are.