6 Things that Make Me Nervous Regarding My Move to Dubai

So, I’m moving to Dubai. My husband has been there for 6 months now and I stayed behind in the US to wrap up work and have a baby. This is a huge chapter in our life. For the first time in 6 years I will live in the same country as my husband! While the move is very exciting, it is also a big deal. Here are some things that make me nervous about moving half way around the world.





Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy to never wear a heavy winter coat again. I will not miss the below freezing temperatures of Washington, DC, but I also worry I will do nothing but complain 24/7 once the summer heat hits.

I love sunshine, palm trees, and warm weather, but with heat and humidity comes big hair (and I have lots of thick, long hair). How will I maintain my locks? Will I wear a ponytail for 6 months out of the year? And while the heat outside can be unbearable, the AC inside every public space can be quite a drastic change. I’m already annoyed of the thought of having to carry a sweater everywhere.

But hey, sunshine and palm trees…I’ll pick my battles.





I’m terrified of cars. I’m so scared of fast cars and drivers who don’t respect rules and constantly swerve in and out of lanes. Sheikh Zayed road gives me anxiety.
I understand that I can’t expect Maseratis and Lambos to always drive at speed, so I really hope I can find some quiet side roads. I’m the type of person who will beep at a terrible driver on the highway, or roll down my window and yell at the person next to me to stop texting. Which leads to my next point…



My Mouth


I say what I feel, and my mom always told me my mouth will get me in trouble. I’m also very sarcastic, honest, and playful. I need to be sure I don’t accidently say something offensive to the wrong person. I need to remember that I’ll be a guest in someone else’s country, and I need to hold my tongue more than I’m used to.



Making friends


I’m leaving so many great friends behind in the US. While we’ll be surrounded by other expats in our residential community, I wonder if any of them become great friends. Another fear is getting stuck in a bubble. I want to form friendships with local Emirati women, and not just English-speaking expats. Will I have that opportunity? We’ll have to wait and see.



Spending too much $


Dubai isn’t cheap. While we are blessed with a great job opportunity, we will be living off of one salary for a while. Can we maintain a balanced life-style while saving up for the future? It will need to be a very conscious effort to not get carried away with the spending.



New Mom


As a new mom, I’m moving to Dubai with a 6 week old baby. I’ll be away from my family and friends and my husband will be gone often for me. I won’t have anyone to lean on in Dubai. I don’t even know where to go to buy diapers, and whether the store carries the right kind. Needless to say, I bought 2 suitcases worth of diapers and wipes from the US to ship over. I’m sure with time I will get acclimated but for now, I’m trying to be over prepared so I don’t become overwhelmed upon arrival.

If you live in Dubai and want to help make my transition less painful by offering advice or being my friend, please let me know!


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