6 Steps to Ensure Your Tires Are Always Safe to Drive

It’s time to ask yourself a very important question: When was the last time you had your car tires checked? We usually change our tires when a nail punctures a hole in them or have them checked before we go to Sahel. Otherwise, we just wear them out until they start complaining, regardless of the danger of where or how it will decide to make a scene.

Bridgestone recently had an event at Cairo Festival City Mall to raise awareness about the importance of tire safety and the precautions anyone can take to make sure our tires are safe to drive with, and if yours aren’t you could have a look around for different tire sets, brand new or second hand like these rines texas edition classifieds.



1. Visually check your tires on a daily basis



  • Make sure that your tires all have the same inflation pressure. (mafeesh wa7da meraya7a aktar min il tanya, ya3ni)
  • Check the sidewalls for cracks or unusual inflammations.
  • Make sure there are no objects such as nails or stones attached to your tires.



2. Get your tire’s pressure checked every month



  • Use a tire gauge to measure your tire pressure.
  • Check and inflate tires only when the tires are cold to get an accurate reading.



3. Check for uneven wear



This is when one section of the tire is more worn than the rest and occurs when:

  • Tires are not uniformly inflated.
  • Tires are unbalanced.
  • The wheels are unaligned.



4. Tires should be rotated every 8,000 – 10,000 Km



  • Stop by Fit&Fix and get your tires rotated.
  • Check the handbook for tire rotation schedule or follow the picture above.



5. Check the Tread Depth Indicator


Check your tread depth

  • When the indicator is flushed with the rest of the tread, it is time to change the tire.



6. Check if the wheels are aligned



  • If your wheels aren’t aligned, they will wear more quickly and irregularly and also prevents the vehicle from running or braking in a straight line. The suspension and steering components will also be subjected to extra stress.
  • Visit a reputable workshop and have the wheels aligned by a computerized alignment machine.



WE SAID THIS: Don’t miss Fit and Fix Teaches Kids the Importance of Tire Safety Through Edutainment at Kidzania Cairo

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