Fit and Fix Teaches Kids the Importance of Tire Safety Through Edutainment at Kidzania Cairo



When was the last time you changed your car tires, had them checked or even made sure they’re safe enough for you to be driving around? Tires are one of the things we take for granted, although technically speaking it could cost us our lives.




Fit and Fix having spotted the problem and decided to do something really smart about it. Learning through play is one of the most effective forms of learning and most of the time, the things you learn as kids, are the ones that stick with you and are engraved into your brain forever.


DSC_5677 That’s why Fit and Fix have have opened their newest branch in Kidzania Cairo. Yup, you heard us right! Now at Kidzania, kids will get the chance to understand everything they need to know about tire safety. From how to change a tire, to when to know when a tire should be changed, at Kidzania children aged 7-14 will learn the process of examining the tires and all the safety precautions that come with it through edutainment. With a massive toy car and all kinds of technology to make the kids feel they’re actually responsible to fixing the tire, your kids won’t just have a blast, but will learn how to get their hands dirty at a young age!

You don’t need  to worry about who’ll change your tire for you anymore when it’s gone flat in the middle of nowhere, your kids have learnt the fun way exactly what to do!



WE SAID THIS: For more information, visit Fit and Fix Egypt’s Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram here

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