6 Characters You Might Meet in Any Arab Office

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By Salma Khattab

People are born with different characters. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about some of the characters you might meet at any Arab office. We must mention that this is based on our experience as interns with Scoop Empire’s team. Here are people I work with:

The Mother: Sarah Zuher

On your first day of work, you’re more likely to feel very stressed and anxious, but then comes the office mommy who will make you feel at home. She will always be there for you, helping you, and will definitely be your go-to person whenever you feel like you’re in trouble. She might also crack you up with her sense of humor. It’s always fun whenever she’s around. I must admit that she is very hard-working and focused. Besides, she eats healthy and will encourage you to do this too. I told you she is a mother.

The Energetic: Muhammed Rashid

In every Arab office, there’s one who usually hypes the office up with his positivity and funny comments. When he is not around you feel there is something missing. The explorer who has no limits. He continuously thinks that there is a big world out there and an adventure in the waiting. He is also very intellectual and full of energy, and this can be clearly seen in his work.

The Funniest: Muhammed Alaa el-Din

You will also find the one who consistently breaks the ice with his jokes and questions which always stir up debates. He has a very good sense of humor but trust me, his laugh is even funnier than his jokes, so you are more likely to laugh even if you don’t want to. He also plays very chill playlists which undoubtedly improve our mood at the office. His ideas are always justified, even if they’re not realistic. Besides, he is very hard-working, creative, helpful, and intellectual.

The Noisiest: Ganna Ismail

Here is to the coolest leader you can ever have. The one who has the two sides: on one side, she is so helpful and a very hard-working person. For her, work is work. On the other side, she is so funny and hyper. She has a lot of energy that spreads all over the office. She is always singing, even if her voice is not too perfect.

The Calm: Mona Naguib

On the very opposite side of the “noisiest” character, you will find the one who is usually quiet. Sometimes she seems lazy and sleepy. Yet, she still somehow has her own work. Also, when she does actually talk, her words are on point.

The Boss: Tareq Selim

Here is to the best boss. He is very charismatic and has his own spirit that makes him unique. Yet, he is very professional and hard-working. As much as he loves his work, I might think that when he goes home, he continues working. His way of thinking is different than anyone else in the office. Aside from work, he knows when to talk. He has a different sense of comic relief that makes you feel “please stop! we will die!”

So this is the team we have at Scoop Empire! Please tell us in the comments if you have similar characters at your office.

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