5 Things to Add to Your Diet That Aren’t Foods

We have all grown up hearing about the importance of eating a healthy diet. It is another thing entirely to actually be able to accomplish it. Most of us cannot possibly eat the requisite number of foods each day that would be considered an optimal diet. Try as hard as we can, there are just certain deficiencies in our diet. That is because we are focused too much on food. Take a look at these five non-food items that can prove to be highly beneficial to your overall health and wellness.

Red Light Therapy

Proper nutrition contributes to the positive elasticity of your skin. If you are lacking certain vitamins and minerals, your skin might suffer as a result. Red light therapy is a way to reverse this effect. This directs low-level light beams at your skin and can help to treat a variety of issues. You will notice that your wrinkles and scars will often become things of the past once you begin receiving red light treatments.


It is rather amazing to consider all of the various vitamins and minerals that the human body needs in order to remain healthy and vibrant. It is almost impossible to get enough of these each day in the food that you eat. Depending on your gender and current stage in life, there are certain minerals and vitamins that you will want to be even more conscientious about getting enough of. To help you get there, supplements are a valuable non-food alternative that you will want to consider adding to your diet.

Collagen Protein

Your body needs collagen protein. This is how your tissue and muscles receive the nutrients that they need to stay healthy and looking great throughout your lifespan. You will also find that collagen is a way to keep your skin looking healthy as you age. The protein that is found naturally in collagen helps to keep your skin elastic. Without it, you are more likely to develop wrinkles than you would if you consumed enough in your diet. It is also helpful to note that collagen protein helps to keep your joints and bones healthy. Since most humans do not get enough of this vital substance in the food that they eat, it is important to consider taking it in a supplement form.

Liquid IV

There are times when your body loses a lot more water than it takes in. At the same time, your body depends on a regular supply of hydration in order to keep functioning properly. Rather than drink gallons of water in one sitting, which is never recommended, you will want to consider the value that Liquid IV brings to the table. This will deliver your body just the right mix of sodium, glucose, and potassium directly to your bloodstream. This will improve your hydration almost immediately. The additional benefit is that Liquid IV has much fewer calories and half the sugar than you would find in a sports drink.


The human body needs fiber in order to stay regular, yet many of us do not get enough. Since much of the fiber we get today comes in the form of plants, you may find that you just do not eat enough. Inulin is an effective way to gradually introduce fiber into your diet. You just add the tasteless, colorless powder to your favorite beverage or food and then forget about it.

These are five subtle ways to add to your diet in a substantive way. Each of these items can contribute to your overall sense of health and well-being in various ways. The key is to give your body as many nutrients and positive elements as possible. This does not necessarily have to come in the form of food. If you can do that, then you will be well on the road to an even healthier lifestyle.

WE SAID THIS: Diets are about so much more than just what you eat.

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