5 Eid Traditions We Tend to Forget

By Salma Khattab

Eid is all about new and happy vibes. A few moments in life where children feel truly happy. We all have the same Eid celebrations. They’re traditions that have passed down the generations over the years. However, some people forget about these traditions and claim that they are old and overrated. Here are five Eid traditions that are being forgotten.

New eid outfits

Muslim parents tend to go out with their children days before Eid to buy new clothes literally from head to toe. I remember that these were my best moments. But, they’re all in the past.

Visiting neighbors and family members

The second thing, sadly forgotten, is the reunion of the family and the greeting of neighbors. The kids would play with each other while the adults engaged in conversations and chit chat and exchanged jokes. But unfortunately, people now just send each other messages on WhatsApp and other social media platforms, greeting each other and that’s about it. 


Kids in those gatherings played a lot of different games. But, one of the most important traditions was when kids bought firecrackers and hit them hard on the ground to explode, laughing together in one voice.


Traditionally, Muslim adults give a gift of money called Eideya to children, based on the sunna of the Prophet Mohammed. Usually, Eideya tends not to last long because once the kids have it, they go to the nearest shop to buy treats. However, in the last few Eids, this tradition has gradually been disappearing. This is probably due to the many economic and financial problems that the Arab world has been facing over the last few years.

Eid decorations

Children in Eid tend to make decorations that have special shapes, such as Islamic shapes, sometimes balloons and some colorful lights. Decorating the whole house makes us get into the whole Eid mood. But, in the 21st century, children have forgotten the joy we used to get out of such things.

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