5 Careers That Are Excellent for Veterans

It can be overwhelming for veterans when returning home from active duty. As a veteran, you have to transition to other jobs and make a living to support your family. Nonetheless, military experience can lay a solid foundation for a future career in civilian life. With hard work, dedication, and better time management, veterans are a desirable job candidate for most employers. There are various jobs and well-paying careers for veterans. However, you require a type of transitional training to adjust.

Here great careers for veterans:

1. Security guard

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Working in the military involves defending the country. A job in a security firm makes a seamless fit for a veteran. Veterans undergo different types of training and are the most suitable candidates for security roles. Moreover, military trainings, like conflict resolution and self-defense, are handy for security guards.

2. Real estate agent

A career in real estate is a huge undertaking with great potential. As a realtor, you can work for a real estate company or by yourself. The job comes with lots of flexibility and is ideal for veterans seeking part-time employment. To kick start your career, you have to enroll in a real estate course and register for pre-licensing exams in your state. Once you get a real estate license, you can start building your client base, flip houses, and sell properties. 

To succeed in your role as a realtor, you’ll need to enroll in investment courses. These will furnish you with the right information to market luxury homes successfully. Other necessary short courses to consider are; communication, negotiation, coaching, and marketing skills.

3. Emergency medical technician

A healthcare career allows you to practice the skills learned in the military. It’s also an opportunity to give service to your community. Veterans work well as emergency medical technicians. However, the profession requires additional certifications and licensing to practice. Other popular careers to consider are; registered nurses, medical research, health records, hospital functionality, and logistics.

4. Defense contracting

Defense contracting involves the creation of materials to support different sections of national defense. The career offers competitive remuneration and has a strong connection to the military. What’s more? Many veterans find it easier to transition to this type of career. As a defense contractor, you can work as an intelligence specialist, analyst, quality assurance manager, and contract management specialist.

5. Computer support technician

With technological advances, cyber threats and attacks are more prevalent. There’s an increased need for professionals to solve complex technical issues. If you are interested in cybersecurity, a career as an IT specialist or support technician will suit you best. 

Computer support technicians are high in demand. And this is due to the increased use of technology. There are also many other career paths to consider. These are for example; data analysis, systems engineering, and information security analysis.

Final thoughts

With the many career choices available, choosing the best fit can be daunting. But, it’s advisable to go for one that aligns with your hobbies and interests. This way, it will be easier to adapt and keep upgrading your skills to gain more expertise.

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